View each crop insurance application through a powerful, objective lens.

Our web-enabled technology platform Helix enables data collection and processing for actionable underwriting information. Helix seamlessly taps into a wide variety of datasets.

From dirt-level data up to large scale satellite oversight, with global weather phenomena and more, we stitch it all together for a multi-factor output.

Helix Agrocast

Our Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) underwriting engine collects and validates impartial real-world data.

Agrocast provides a reliable basis for analysis of the associated risks of agricultural production.

It provides underwriters with the information needed to accurately assess the reliability of both the farmer and the environment.

By understanding reliability, Agrocast can reduce loss ratios and insure more farmers in an increasingly unreliable world.

Helix Agropraisal

Our crop insurance claims adjustment tool uses data from ground level all the way up to orbit to assess claims situations quickly and accurately even across large areas.

Each policy is monitored regardless of claim status to provide portfolio-wide performance metrics and pinpoint where manpower will be needed next.

Agropraisal helps make the claim adjustment process faster, more accurate, and more efficient to reduce cost, and increase transparency and farmer satisfaction.

Agropraisal doesn’t replace your adjusters – it helps them do more.