Powering Climate Insurance to
Navigate a Changing World

Navigating climate risks

Climate risks are making life difficult for both the agriculture and insurance communities around the world. In some countries, the people in those businesses feel the outcomes of climate change more strongly than others.

Cultovo tracks precipitation-related climate risk through a network of WMO-standard sensors, focused on climate insurance.

As a technology company, we are laser-focused on data integrity. We remove unintended bias and unknowns that prevent what is actually happening from being seen.

We aim to work collaboratively with industry partners to improve all stakeholder positions. We are opening the market for all parties using a transparency-first approach.

Functional climate insurance

Insurance isn’t adapting quickly enough to meet the needs of the majority of the world. Growers don’t have access to international-grade climate insurance, while insurers aren’t able to meaningfully access major crop markets.

Cultovo helps develop the climate insurance products that provide affordable protection from changing climatic events.

Our infrastructure allows for objective actuarial modeling, clearly-outlined pricing, automatic claims payout and lower costs. This leads to more affordable policies that meaningfully cover growers for the increasing climate volatility they face.