Bringing transparency to the South American agriculture supply chain


Why Transparency?

From producers, to insurers, tech companies, investors, exporters and more, we are building the foundational backbone to create a transparent industry that benefits everyone.

Cultovo is building a network of on-ground and WMO-standard weather stations to track climate change and contribute to global food security, from the top global crop exporting countries within South America.

We are a technology company laser-focused on data integrity that can help remove unintended bias and obscurities throughout the supply chain.

We aim to work collaboratively with industry partners to improve all stakeholder positions. We are opening the market for all parties using a transparency-first approach.


Transparency = Better Farming = Better Supply Chains

Right now, farmers are losing because of a lack of transparency.

Gold-standard on-ground data that is maintained with integrity is desperately missing in South American agriculture markets. These markets are known for volatility and the urgency of the demand for stability is increasing due to political, climactic and economic conditions.

Farmers don’t have access to international-grade crop insurance and insurers aren’t able to meaningfully access major crop markets.

Our infrastructure allows for objective actuarial modeling, clearly-outlined pricing, automatic claims payout and lower costs. This leads to more affordable policies that meaningfully cover farmers for the increasing climate volatility they are dealing with.