Unlocking crop

Using technology for
better policies


Reduce losses by determining the risk and reliability of applicants

Information asymmetry, scattered data, and the lack of data infrastructure makes accurately understanding the risk and reliability of farming operations in many markets prohibitively difficult.

Our technology unlocks previously inaccessible markets for both farmers and insurers.


Faster service without sacrificing accurate on-site adjustment

Accurate adjustment is the lifeblood of crop insurance.

Assessing damage accurately can mean slow processing, and speeding that workflow can mean shortcuts that lead to inaccurate assessment and dissatisfied farmers. We close that gap.

Introducing Helix


View farming transparently

View each crop insurance application through a powerful, objective lens.

Our web-enabled technology platform Helix enables data collection and processing for actionable underwriting information. Helix seamlessly taps into a wide variety of datasets.

From dirt-level data up to large scale satellite oversight, with global weather phenomena and more, we stitch it all together for a multi-factor output.


Dispel the fog of information that prevents profitable underwriting

Validate risk and reliability for crop insurance policies through a blend of data-sets and algorithms that provide transparency.

Helix translates previously scattered and objective data into reliable insights to augment proven insurance practices with faster and more efficient verification. Use our industry leading tools such as high resolution satellite imagery and cutting edge climate modelling to see risk from new angles, delivered through the easy-to-use Helix interface.

Unleash Helix